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March 2010


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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Typical for a new technology to be adapted within a culture and used to support existing patterns of behavior.

This is the last blog assignment..

1.  What kind of culture influences through technology can you see from today’s world?
From the question, i think every culture in this world already influenced by the technology. I took music culture as the example. Nowadays, there are a lot of people that have a band. How come they know each other or how they can improve their music style or skill without the technology? It is imposible without using a technology. From where we know that is a band called "Green Day"? Exactly, we know it from TV. TV is a technology which is already influenced us and people arroun the world from just watch inside their home.

2. Is there a possibility to reshape the (new) culture today via new technology, How?

Yes it is! It's very possible to reshape the culture. How? If people want to play guitar, what should they do? Buy the guitar of course and play it. Nowadays, with the technology people just sitting on their chair and browsing through the internet, and download the software and play it.  It is exactly the same. From sound untill the chords. 

Personal Reflection on class:

Madam Helena gave us a about Technology and media. We saw a short clip about social networking for example about Facebook. It is quite interesting, and also we submitted the 2nd assignment of MLC subject

Sunday, April 19, 2009

How do you relate the information given to you in the documentary to the theory of Media Imperialism that we talked about in lecture?

This is the 7th blog assignment

Critical Reflection 1
Ok, this is my 7th blog assignment. I have to watch  a part from The Power of Nightmares which is part 3 Shadow in the Cave by Adam Curtis. Based on the task i have to talk about Media Imprealism. Media imperealism can be describe as expansion also in media. As we know, news media sometimes never give us the truth information about something. For example, there is a wrong information in The Power of Nightmares (Part 3 - Shadow in the Cave), a BBC documentary by Adam Curtis, about the story of the United States and the Islamic Movement . It is makes the United States of America thinked that Al Qaeda were hiding in a cave but it's never foun anything there.\

Critical Reflcetion 2
Impact from the video like The Power of Nightmares is make people believe to something that only from one side, which is from Adam Curtis side. BBC has the very important role as the main source of information. This thing can make all the people believe all the information that BBC gave. That's why many people always think like what BBC think.

Personal Reflection
This week, we learned abot Media Imperealism and also watch Adam Curtis's video which is The Power of Nightmares especially part 3 Shadow in the Cave. This video make us know the bad side of news media in television.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Media Effects Using McLuhan's "Tetrad of Media"

Critical Reflection no. 1

Until now, magazine is still the best print media all over the world whether now, internet is the latest media that help us. People still believe the print media as the fixed information. Some people in part of the world still doesn't have internet connection. In some country, internet is still be an expensive things. Back to the magazine, people like it because the visual in magazine is more completely intersted people. Magazine also be the best advertising space for people to promote their porducts.

Critical Reflection no. 2

Why people still loving magazine? We know that print media is more long lasting as proofment in this world. Some people love to keep magazine as a thing that can be collected. The information is valid, its mean there's no fake news. Their have their own editor that responsible on their magazine company.

Personal Reflection

The topic of this week is“MEDIA: THE EXTENSIONS OF MAN”. It related with the Marshall McLuhan; Medium is the Message that describe McLuhan's concept of "media", Examples of Media and their Message, also the explanation about "Hot" media and "Cool" media. I think it is an interesting topic.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Obscenity, pornography and indecency: What are the differences between these terms?

Hello there.
This is my 5th assignment topic which is i should give the diffrences between Obscenity, pornography and indecency and also the reflection of it.

Obscenity is indecent in very offensive way. For example: raping.
Pornography is obscene inside picture, writings or video. For example : nudity
Indecency is uncourteously things. For example : kissing in public (some countries not accepted this things)

From 3 things above is it usual problem in our life. All of them we can find it in every media type such as TV, radio, magazine, newspaper, and etc. In some counties, they have a law about three things above. 

My opinion is we sholud reduce the spread of three things above inside the media. 


Last week we don't have class, so there's no activity there.

Monday, March 16, 2009


All of this sketch was my old sketch in 2007, i really miss this time.

Trying to make new style but unfinished